Auswandern nach Dubai


Car diving in Dubai

Continuing our series on Dubai, today we talk about some of the specifics and differences when driving.

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Specifics of work visas in Dubai

As promised, we are continuing our series of posts about Dubai. And today we will talk about the specifics of work visas.

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Arbeitsmoglichkeiten Dubai v2


In which sectors is there currently a need for personnel?

We are continuing our series of posts about Dubai. And today we want to talk about which industries are particularly in demand for employees today.

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Auswandern nach Dubai 1 v2


Why is Dubai so popular

Dubai is very popular today and is one of the most famous and visited cities in the world. However, there are many nuances to consider when visiting or moving to this city. UTS is starting a series of posts about Dubai. And today, we will introduce you to the main reasons for its popularity.

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england wales


The difference between the countries of the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland...

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they are separate countries because of... football. After all, the English, Scots and Welsh play as separate teams in the World Cup. In fact, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are the countries that make up the United Kingdom.

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History of the removals

Something for the history lesson today

The way removals are carried out has changed over the centuries. In the past, people often had to carry their possessions themselves or load them onto oxcarts. Today there is us, the UTS - we help in many different ways, whether at home or abroad. 

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Umzugsstress vermeiden 5 Tipps vom UTS Umzugsprofi


5 tips from the UTS moving expert

If you are interested in how to make your move easier and less stressful, some of these moving tips could help you. Here are the following 5 tips from the UTS moving expert

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Umzugsstress vermeiden 5 Tipps vom UTS Umzugsprofi 2


Avoid moving stress: 5 tips from the UTS moving professional

The first 5 tips for the move so that everything goes smoothly

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uts germany ansprechpartner team axel schurbaum


Interview with Axel Schurbaum, Managing Director UTS

"Every relocation is individual," says Axel Schurbaum, Managing Director UTS, in an interview. You can read the full interview here

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Moving to Switzerland

Well informed with UTS - Country page Switzerland

When it comes to relocating, good planning is the be-all and end-all. Our UTS experts are familiar with all the requirements that a move to Switzerland entails. For all those interested in Switzerland, it is worth taking a look at our country page.

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Cost planning for moves

How much will my move cost?

This is a question that everyone who is planning a move will certainly ask themselves. Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question. However, there are some aspects that can strongly influence the price. We will inform you about them.

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Cooperation DMS and UTS

UTS and DMS conclude cooperation agreement

At the first joint meeting on 18.11.2022, the companies UTS and DMS decide on a long-term cooperation agreement. The two companies will thus unite a total of 70 partner companies.

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Umzug Mexiko


Moving to Mexico

Trouble-free relocation to Mexico

When it comes to international removals, UTS is the perfect partner. Our worldwide network makes it possible to move to many different far-flung destinations - including Mexico. If you too are planning a move to Mexico, we recommend you take a look at our country page.

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Moving to the United Arab Emirates

Your destination is Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

We understand that perfectly. The United Arab Emirates score with a high standard of living, dreamlike landscapes and strong economic growth.

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Zertifizierung Nachhaltigkeit


Sustainability at UTS

Sustainability at UTS

Ever since UTS was founded, we have attached great importance to sustainable environmental management. Especially in times of climate change, environmental protection is more topical than ever. Together for a clean world!

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Studio Umzug


Studio Moving

Nothing is too difficult for us!

With UTS, every move is done in no time at all. Thanks to our wide-ranging experience in a variety of fields, we are also able to cope with special requirements.

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Umzug Niederlande


Individual Removals to the Netherlands

Moving to the neighbours 

With UTS, your move to the Netherlands will be smooth and professional. We ensure a stress-free process. Relaxed moving with UTS! 

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uts tesaser news corona


Statement on the current COVID-19 situation

For about 35 years, one of the core values of UTS is that we care about our employees and our customers. This core value helps us responding to the big challenges of the coronavirus COVID-19 which has been declared pandemic by the WHO...

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