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For many companies, employee mobility is one of the many building blocks in the overall corporate concept. Changing labor markets present companies worldwide with challenges when searching for and retaining talented employees long term.

We offer valuable support and arrange employee transfers in a professional and uncomplicated manner. We work for individuals, national companies and global corporations, for travel management, HR and global mobility departments.

Our clients benefit from optimized process takeovers with every move and service, have less administrative effort and can concentrate on their core business functions. Find out more about our services - we are here for you!

UTS acts cost-consciously and ensures that your budget is adhered to and that you always have an overview of order progress, quality, and costs. We guarantee that we are in compliance with the data protection requirements - anywhere in the world.

RELOcation allowance

Relocation allowance - Individual planning for employees possible

Some employers pay their employees a lump sum for handling the move when they are being relocated. This is quite common in the USA already and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe as well. Employees can decide on the provision of a lump sum to determine which moving services they would like to use for their relocation. Completely personalized.


Our Services - We attend to your needs!

UTS is your go-to when it comes to employee relocation. We ensure optimal, personalized organization and consultation. Trust in our years of experience and the extensive (international) network of UTS.

Our services in the context of employee relocation:

  • We create a service package for the relocation based on the given budget.
  • Individual consultation for service selection.
  • Moving Guide for the do-it-yourself part of the move.
  • Comparison of alternatives and their calculation (e.g., in the context of air and sea freight).
  • Visa & immigration services

Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact us for that. You can reach our contact form here.

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Tax Matters 

One simple approach is to collaborate with a Move Management company to which the employer pays a lump sum (Direct Billing Agreement). This agreement between the employer and the moving company proves to be more convenient since the sum does not have to be taxed as income. If a "Direct Billing Agreement" is not a possible option, the relocation allowance must be subject to taxation.


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