Removal insurance and liability

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Removal insurance and liability


There are many things to consider when you move - from the initial planning to setting up the furniture. But how are my removal goods actually insured? When is it worth taking out transport insurance?

We provide you with important information and tips on the subject of insurance and liability during a move.

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Basic liability by UTS


If you carry out your move with UTS, then the company is liable for any damage caused to your removal goods. The basic liability is prescribed by the Commercial Code (according to paragraph 451e) and amounts to a maximum of 620 euros per cubic metre. For the customer it is of course free of charge, but it also only applies to damage caused by UTS.

Attention: In the event of damage, only the current value and not the replacement value is reimbursed within the scope of basic liability.

Exclusion of liability

Some things are excluded from basic liability. These include for example:

  • Valuables (jewels, precious metals, precious stones, coins, money, stamps, securities, deeds).
  • Living animals and plants
  • Antiques and works of art
  • Sensitive removal goods that are already damaged
  • If unavoidable events (e.g. storms, accidents) occur and the removal goods are damaged as a result, liability is also excluded.

Note: If you pack your removal goods yourself or load them into the transporter yourself and damage occurs in the process, the removal company will not be liable.


Have you discovered damage to your removal goods? How you should act now


It is generally recommended to check the household effects for possible damage upon arrival at your new home:

  • Have you discovered visible damage? Then you should report this to us on the day of the move.
  • Have you found damage that is not visible (e.g. broken glass in the box)? The deadline for reporting this damage is 14 days.

Tip: Please document the damage in writing and take photos.



Take out transport insurance


Would you like to take out additional insurance for your removal goods? In some cases it is advisable to take out transport insurance. This applies, for example, to removal goods whose value is higher than the basic liability amount of 620 euros. Unavoidable events (storms, accidents, etc.) are also covered by this insurance, in contrast to basic liability.

The transport insurance is concluded on the basis of the current or new value. Attention: If the insurance is concluded on the basis of the new value, you will also need proof of the relevant value. Proof of purchase can be used for this purpose, among other things.


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