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With us, your belongings are in the best hands


Whether a complete move or individual services, domestically or abroad, we ensure that your relocation runs smoothly and comfortably for you. And of course, we also have the right transport and packaging materials for you. From the first to the last day, you have a personal contact person available for all your concerns and requests. Your direct contact will be in charge of all organizational matters for you. He or she answers questions, skillfully solves challenges and monitors the scheduled progress of your move.

By the way: Our high service quality is guaranteed by a TÜV-approved quality management system (ISO 9001:2015).

Plan & book a classic move

Get in touch with our removal consultants. We will be happy to advise you from A to Z, organize a video or on-site inspection, determine the scope of services together with you and prepare your individual offer for your move.

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Plan & reserve your move online

With BOOK A MOVE, you can plan and reserve your move within Germany quickly, transparently and conveniently online in 5 minutes. Guaranteed instant price and binding moving date included!

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Ten tips for preparing for your move

  • Tenancy agreement: Conclude the new tenancy agreement and terminate the old tenancy agreement in writing and on time. 

  • Date: Determine the moving date.

  • Relocation leave: Inquire with your employer for the required days off. If necessary, ask for special leave.

  • Deposit: Arrange repayment with your previous landlord.

  • Relocation costs: Create a budget plan to keep track of expenses.
  • Housing transfer: Arrange the dates for the transfer of the old and new apartments.

  • Craftsmen: If a craftsman is needed, ask him in due time.

  • School: Register your children at the new school/daycare and out of the old one.

  • Children: Ask your relatives, acquaintances, and friends at an early stage whether the child/children can stay there for the duration of the move.

  • Pets: Check early for a place for your pets. You can also get support for this at, for example.

Basically, the following applies: For all organisational questions concerning your move, your personal UTS move manager is always there to help and advise you.

moving with uts

We guide you step by step

Moving has never been easier: With UTS you can plan and book your private move within Germany quickly, transparently and conveniently.

Our consulting – professional and competent

  • First consultation: An UTS employee discusses your expectations with you and advises you on the time and technical process of your move. For moves across customs borders: Discussion of documents required for customs clearance when moving to/from overseas: Explanation of the various means of transport

Calculation – fair and transparent

  • Volume determintion: On-site inspection by the UTS removal consultant or through modern technology, e.g. MoverScan
  • Quoting based on the volume determination and the information from preliminary discussions
  • Order placement: We’ll be happy to assist you!

Implementation - efficient and qualified

  • Detailed planning: Clarifying all details
  • Scheduling: Confirmation of relocation dates
  • Move operation: Your move experience with UTS
  • Short briefing with your UTS move manager
  • Online feedback Quality management
  • Invoicing: Detailed and transparent invoice



Frequently Asked Questions

In the initial discussion, your Move Manager will discuss with you what information is vital to us to make you a proper offer tailored to your situation.

Your UTS Removal Manager will explain to you what transport insurance options are available. However, UTS is liable on the basis of the HGB at 620 euros per cbm of removal volume. The compensation refers to the current value of your removal goods. If you want to upgrade it, your customer advisor will offer you transport insurance.

UTS takes care of everything so that the conditions for a successful move are in place on moving day. We have an eye on the deadlines for official permits and know the professionals for setting up no-stopping zones.

The duration depends on the volume, the distance, any necessary customs formalities at the border and the loading and unloading conditions. Your Move Manager will be happy to explain how long your move will take.

The UTS relocation offer is free of charge and non-binding for you.

UTS offers you personal relocation support by your Move Manager from the first contact to the settlement. The extensive network of UTS with approximately twenty partners in Germany and over 1,800 partners worldwide means excellent flexibility and certified quality for you.

As a general rule, stress for your animals should be avoided. Depending on the duration and distance for your move, the UTS PET Move Service is a good option. Ask your UTS relocation consultant and you will receive tailor-made advice and recommendations for your move.

Every UTS partner has a warehouse for removal goods; all warehouses are temperature-controlled and comply with current safety standards. The storage period is variable, and you even have access to your removal goods during storage (after prior appointment).

A preparation of 4 to 6 weeks before the start of the move helps to ensure that you receive your desired date and that the move can also be prepared very well by UTS. If your desired date is in the summer or at the end of the month, we recommend a planning start of at least 6 weeks.

Your moving costs depend on various factors, such as the quantity of the move, the transport distance, the scope of service and seasonal peculiarities, such as school holidays. We will clarify the details with you for your move.

This is not absolutely necessary. UTS offers you a good partner throughout Germany to solve your requirements.

UTS is very accommodating. Provided that UTS has not incurred any costs (order of removal lorry or no-stopping zones), you can cancel without any problems. You can find details at in our GTC.

UTS will provide you with the moving boxes during the move. If you wish to purchase them, please contact your removal consultant.

As a rule, you can carry out packing and unpacking work yourself. Please note, however, that you will not have any insurance cover for this.

Yes, UTS offers you various relocation services nationwide. We support you in your search for a new flat and take care of administrative procedures. Click here to learn more about our services for you.

Yes, this is possible as part of your income tax return. 

Your UTS removal consultant will advise you from A to Z and will be your contact throughout. It all starts with an initial consultation on the phone. Then we establish your requirements in detail through a video inspection or on-site visit. During and after the move, we keep in touch with you and are always there for you.

Yes, UTS is happy to do that. We support you in finding specialist companies for e.g. kitchen assembly, special furniture assembly or electrical work.

UTS works hard to make your move as environmentally friendly as possible. We use environmentally friendly packaging materials from Transpak and offset the CO2 consumption with Atmosfair. In addition, we use the most modern trucks with the lowest possible fuel consumption.




Wine or other bottles must be packed into secured bottle boxes.


Glasses are first packed in pads, then in brown paper and stowed away in porcelain cartons. Every glass piece must be wrapped in paper.

Upholstered furniture

The use of protective covers made of plastic or fabric protects upholstered furniture from soiling.

Technical devices

Technical equipment, such as televisions and screens, must not be covered with packing blankets, as the fluff of the blankets can settle in the equipment. To avoid this, please use anti-static bubble wrap or paper covers. Corners and edges have to be protected as well. TVs and screens should be packed in special boxes designed for flat screens. Please install the transport lock for washing machines and CD players.


Plate covers should always be larger than the diameter of the plates. The lower layer should be wrapping paper and pad. This is followed by alternating plates and pads. No piece of porcelain may come into direct contact with other materials or items. The stack of plates is placed upright in a porcelain carton. The box is then packed securely until the individual units are tight (but not too tight!) inside the box and there is no space for movement. Please recheck your box: Lift it and shake it lightly. If the contents sound like dishes clinking, the box should be checked again.


Please pay special attention: Only pack up to the carrying handles. This will prevent smashing your fingers or having overweight boxes. Books are packed back to back into a book box, so they do not slide into each other. Always pack book boxes with only one layer of books so that the carton will not be too heavy! The gaps and the entire white space can be filled with lighter items such as pillows. Take the books off the shelf row by row. Book boxes should be numbered precisely.


Fragile parts such as handles and spouts of pitchers and terrines are specially protected. Please use wrapping paper around the spout and handle for extra protection. Lids of cans are removed individually and then packed again as one whole unit with the main body.

Picture frames or mirrors are first packed in paper covers and bubble wrap and then put into variable picture boxes.


Tax savings during the move

Advice on tax-deductible contributions

Moving means change. A move is often the beginning of a new phase in one's life. Many things have to be done: looking for a new apartment, giving up the old apartment, handing it over to the landlord or selling it. All of this is often associated with the renovation of at least one apartment.

And the move itself? What to do with old items that do not fit into the new space? Also, in most cases, investments are also made in new furnishings.

The desire to save money when moving is understandable. Saving money in the right place is worth it for your wallet and doesn’t cause as much stress. Choosing a reputable moving company is the first step towards saving money. With qualified specialists, the work is done quickly and without damage to the furniture or causing expensive repairs, giving you peace of mind.

Relocation and furniture removers are experts in all processes related to the removal. They also take on any necessary changes of address, coordinate work, move furniture and the most valuable items and more.

Fair pricing, transparent implementation and precise cost statements are an essential matter. And that is important - also for your tax return!

If you have to file a tax return in Germany, you have the option of claiming relocation costs for tax purposes. Depending on the reason for the move, removal costs can be considered as income-related expenses or as special expenses. Since 2006, they can also be partly considered as household services. This means that either the taxable income or the tax liability is directly reduced. So, you save when moving simply, safely and skillfully.

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