Internal relocation

internal relocation

Perfect logistics for smooth transitions


UTS Germany guarantees smooth implementation and compliance with the highest quality standards. Even with an in-house move, we are at your side with a central contact person and regionally distributed relocation expertise in the nationwide UTS network. Anytime and anywhere.

Whether it’s an entire archive or moving of technical equipment such as computers and printers or heavy machinery - UTS Germany supports and creates a clear structure and smooth transitions. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are experts when it comes to highly complex requirements.

We help where you need us most urgently. Professional advice, planning, coordination, and control guarantees that you can always rely on us.

We deliver optimized time management and are always one step ahead of you so that you can feel comfortable at your new workplace as quickly as possible.

Our Services

  • Machine transportation
  • Administrative and restructuring relocations
  • Establishment of project rooms
  • Clean-up and disposal
  • Transportation and storage of IT and EDP

Internal relocation - Services

Worry-free package

UTS offers the following services in the context of internal relocation:

  • Relocation and storage of IT and EDP
  • Transport of machines
  • Administrative and restructuring relocations
  • Design of project rooms
  • Cleaning up and disposal

Our experienced IT relocation specialists pack your hardware in specially manufactured computer tubs. We will also take care of reinstallation after transportation is completed.

Even larger office objects such as copy machines or entire archive equipment can be moved quickly and safely to your new location with our many years of experience and know-how.

We do not set any limits - we also transport heavy machinery, because we always work together with highly qualified specialists, who are optimally equipped for every requirement.

Our in-house moving service fulfills all your demands. Our professional customer service agents will be happy to advise you.

Internal relocation - the procedure

This is what we do

  • Design of the transport route protection
  • Deinstallation of IT through the IT desktop service
  • Transport of IT components, cardboard boxes, and other goods to the buffer area
  • Delivery of storage and disposal goods
  • Forwarding of the furniture to the buffer area taking into account the relocation routing system
  • Transport of the furniture to the respective floors
  • Return and reassembly of the furniture to the target rooms
  • Transporting IT from the buffer areas
  • Reinstallation of the IT by the IT desktop service
  • Removal and disposal of cardboard boxes
  • Handling of the target areas

Expert support - even after your move.

We are also there for you after the completion of your internal relocation.

Our expert aftercare guarantees immediate correction if further measures have to be taken after completion.

With UTS you are always on the safe side.

Digital inventorization


With Warehouse +, UTS offers you a digital solution for fast and convenient warehouse management and inventorization. With the application, you can easily access your inventory at any time.

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