UTS Values

Philosophy and Corporate Social Responsibility


We strictly adhere to applicable health and safety laws, regulations and guidelines. Preventing accidents and health hazards is one of the top priorities of our corporate responsibility. UTS employees act according to specific safety standards, which we are happy to present to our customers upon request.

Environmental management is also a standard at UTS. Regular audits at UTS companies include, for example, the evaluation of all measures taken to reduce environmental pollution. For many years now, our "Movetrack-Online-Exchange-Program" has been optimizing fuel reductions and cutting down on operating times of vehicles on outward and return journeys.



Environmental management at UTS

Environmental management is also standard at UTS. Regular audits of UTS operations include, for example, the evaluation of all measures to reduce environmental pollution.

It is therefore all the more pleasing that we have once again been certified in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 14001 standard. We are thus setting an example for active, environmentally conscious action.

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Environmental targets UTS 2022/2023

Sustainability has been a high priority at UTS since it was founded in 1985. We are addressing this issue and will continue to do so so that future generations can also live in a world worth living in. We are open to new technological possibilities and put them into practice.


Targets & vision

Our vision is to live "environmental protection" in as many areas as possible in the moving sector with the entire organization. We want to conserve resources and make use of the technological possibilities offered by the market or create our own solutions.


We focus on environmental protection and sustainability in a wide variety of areas:

Environmentally friendly storage 

Storing goods in containers is gentle on the goods, but also saves on packaging material and transportation.

Storing goods in wooden containers saves on packaging material and the durable wood ensures that it can be used several times.

Wherever possible, new buildings or existing facilities are equipped with solar cells to produce energy.

Our scheduling department tries to ensure the temporary storage of goods as close as possible to the loading or unloading point in order to avoid long journeys.

We use WarehousePlus to digitize our customers' stored goods and avoid inventories, warehouse visits and incorrect deliveries. 

Environmentally friendly packaging

It goes without saying that it is our job to handle and transport our customers' goods with care. This ensures that they are used and retain their value. Our employees handle the material with care. We try to avoid "plastic" as far as possible and mainly use packing blankets for land transportation. Our cardboard packaging is made from recycled paper (see Transpak declaration of no objection) and is reused several times.

Environmentally friendly technology

Technology and digitalization open up new possibilities for organization and processing. UTS makes use of these possibilities and thus also reduces CO2 emissions.

UTS On Site Viewer & Moverscan: With this, UTS reduces car journeys to carry out inspections for volume recording & customer consultation and damage recording

UTS Moveware: This tool is used to manage paperless removal orders

UTS WarehousePlus: Online store for warehouse customers and car journeys are reduced

UTS Book A Move: Online booking of removals without an inspection


Environmentally friendly transportation

Transportation causes CO2 and pollutes the environment. However, transportation is necessary to get people's belongings from A to B. We reduce the impact with the following measures:

Freight Matching: The UTS intranet links clients and removal companies. All UTS companies publish their orders and transport capacities. The central scheduling department uses these to combine tours that replace individual trips

Shared Container Services: Small consignments for international removals are loaded in consolidated containers, thus increasing container capacity utilization

Rail transports: for import and export containers, an attempt is made to ensure that all transports to/from the port are carried out by rail


UTS has concluded a framework agreement with "Atmosfair" for the "Book A Move" product and CO2 is offset by supporting Atmosfair projects.

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