Employees abroad

employees abroad

Moving abroad as an employee: The start of an exciting project


Does your job with your employer make it necessary for you to move abroad? An employee secondment is a big professional step and an exciting as well as interesting task. You want to get off to the best possible start with your project and settle into your new working environment and home country as quickly as possible. To achieve this, a smooth and relaxed relocation is essential.

UTS actively supports you!

We plan the move together with you and carry it out professionally. You and your employer can rely on our expertise. We are very familiar with expatriates and international removals, and we shine with our competent and professional execution.

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Good advice is the be-all and end-all

A move always involves some effort. In order to organise it individually, the first step in preparing for the move is a consultation with your UTS removal expert. During this consultation, we will check with you the amount of household effects or household goods to be moved, among other things. We will also discuss your personal wishes and requirements for the move. You will also receive an initial service offer from us. As part of the preparations, we also take care of bureaucratic matters such as registering your goods with customs.


  • Preliminary inspection
  • Dismantling, packing and loading

  • Provision of support materials
  • Storage of your goods
  • Taking out removal insurance
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery and unpacking on site


We also support you in your new home


Once your household goods have arrived at your new home, we and our international partners also offer a wide range of services after the actual move. These include the assembly of furniture, the installation of kitchens (including connections), any electrical work required and the setting up of internet and telephone connections.



Disposal, storage and final cleaning


When moving abroad, not all things and objects from the former home country are usually needed. The question always arises: where to put all the things? UTS will dispose of everything for you that can go, as well as the packing materials needed during the move. In addition, we also offer you a final cleaning of the old apartment/house.

We store your furniture

If you decide against disposing of certain pieces of furniture, you can use the convenient option of storing them at UTS. You can find information on this here


Our recommendations for a relaxed move

The move as an opportunity for professional development

A move can take a lot of energy and nerves, both on an emotional and organisational level. From a professional point of view, however, the move is very exciting. Here the rule is: look forward to your new home, the professional task and new work colleagues. That way everything will go much more smoothly.

Sort out

Sort things out! Over time, a lot of things accumulate. These and many other things are usually left behind when you move abroad. That's why we advise you to start sorting out your stuff as soon as possible. Often there is more than meets the eye. We recommend that you start sorting out your household 3 to 4 months before the actual move. Questions like "Do I still need these things abroad?" or "What value do these things have for me?" can be helpful.

Moving is also always an opportunity to part with unimportant things. You can even make a profit by selling intact things. On the other hand, a donation would also be a good idea.


A move always involves bureaucracy. Think about the following things in advance:

  • Visa: issuing period and deadlines
  • Cancellation of insurance policies
  • Cancellation of contracts (e.g. mobile phone contract)
  • Inform friends/acquaintances about your change of address
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Registration/deregistration with authorities & Co.
Social networking

When an employee leaves, you naturally leave some things behind. This includes your former colleagues. You may also be able to organise a farewell party. Enjoy your last days on site and keep in touch even after the move. A Whatsapp group or something similar makes things easier. Even if there is a change of location: You need contacts for life. You may come back years later.

Also, start communicating with new colleagues abroad. This way you can already get to know new people, which can make the start in the new company location much easier.


Find out more on our website

As we are very familiar with international removals and have many years of experience, we have collected information about many countries on our website and made it available for you. Feel free to have a look around so that you can prepare yourself well for the new country.

Tips for moving abroad

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Moving costs and types

If you have any further questions, our removal experts are always at your disposal.

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