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Moving house is always exciting and involves many new impressions. Some things are quickly forgotten. Good preparation and planning are essential for a smooth process. This is especially true for international removals, as the rules in other countries are usually different to those in Germany.

To make the moving process easier for you, UTS has compiled moving tips on various topics. Of course, we are always there for you if you have any further questions. Please feel free to use our contact form or give us a call.

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Regarding the move abroad

It is off into the great wide world, isn't it? When moving abroad, it is crucial to plan early and extensively. Whether it is guidance on import regulations, tips on types of containers, or the volume of the move, we have summarized the important aspects for you.

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Moving costs

Find out more about types of removals, price differences for local and long-distance removals, the volume of removals as an influencing factor, ways of saving money and other aspects relating to this topic

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Moving lexicon

There are sometimes unfamiliar technical terms relating to (international) removals. To help you familiarise yourself with and understand these terms, we have prepared a moving lexicon for you

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Employees abroad

UTS also has tips for employee relocations abroad. This also makes a professional relocation much easier.

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Removal insurance and liability

How is my removal goods insured? Who is liable in the event of damage? When is it worth taking out transport insurance? UTS has the answers to these questions. We have all the information you need on removal insurance and liability.

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Moving by car

Are you planning a move and would like to take your car with you? In most cases this is not a problem. We have a few tips and hints for you to make sure that taking your car with you goes smoothly.

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Move sustainably

Sustainability and environmental protection are more topical than ever. There are also a few things that can be taken into account when moving house. With our tips and advice, you can make your move more environmentally friendly.

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Moving with animals

Whether dog, cat & Co. - especially when moving with animals, comprehensive planning of the move is of great necessity.

On our page Moving with animals  you will find many important aspects that should be considered when moving with animals.

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Moving with children

Moving house is exciting and often signifies a major change in the lives of everyone involved. This situation can quickly become overwhelming, especially for children. Leaving familiar surroundings, the old flat or house, as well as changing schools and daycare centres, are all part of the process.

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Moving with UTS - FAQ

Discovering new places, creating a home and minimizing the stress of moving - that's our mission at UTS. We understand that moving raises a lot of questions. In our FAQ section, you'll find answers to everything from packing tips to transportation options. Let us help you make your move smooth and uncomplicated. 

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General information

Discover a smooth moving experience with UTS! From careful planning to reliable execution, we offer professional support for your smooth move. Find out how we transport your valuable belongings safely and help you settle into your new home quickly.

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Would you like to do the majority of your move yourself? UTS can help you with this too. Our tips will make your move much easier!

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All-round carefree package

We fulfill all your wishes for your move. Sit back and relax - we offer you a wide range of services so that nothing is left to chance. You can find out more about our all-round carefree package on this page.

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