Value added services

value added services

Our additional services - your added value


With a wide range of additional services, UTS is the perfect partner for your successful relocation. Whether interim storage or archiving, furniture assembly or IT installation - your UTS expert will be happy to put together a tailor-made service package to meet all of your requirements cost-effectively and planning efficiently from a single source.

This benefit allows you to concentrate entirely on the essential things when moving your company with UTS and also gives you the certainty that all procedures, timings, and processes optimally coordinate with each other.

Value Added Services - Storage

Your belongings in the best hands

Don't worry; we have plenty of space for your belongings! Whether you are already moving out your belongings and can't move into your apartment yet, or you have to leave your apartment for a certain period but will move in again at a later date, we at UTS Germany have the right solution for you.

With us, your objects are in safe hands, Guaranteed.

We offer you the following services on the topic of storage:

Intermediate and long-term storage

We take care of your personal belongings at more than 20 locations throughout Germany. We take over your removal goods, and you decide where and for how long they will be stored. We think that is a fair deal. What about you?

Conventional storage/ storage in storage boxes/ container storage

We offer the perfect storage for every size and dimension. No matter if it's only a few pieces of furniture or your entire apartment.

Central warehouse for office furniture

We also design the storage of your office furniture according to your wishes. Just talk to us!

Art storage

We pay particular attention to your most valuable and sensitive items: UTS makes it possible to transport and store your treasures safely.


The simplest type of storage. This is where you become active and store your removal goods yourself. UTS offers locked, secure and easily accessible rental units of various sizes at many locations throughout Germany.

Value Added Services - File Archiving

Secure handling of confidential information

Of course, we can also support you in the battle with paperwork. By outsourcing the archive on our part, you will save a lot of space and time that you need to concentrate on your core competencies. That's what we do!

Of course, we respect discretion and security - because your trust is our top priority.

We at UTS Germany guarantee:

  • Anonymous storage
  • Logging of every access
  • Monitoring of retention periods
  • You have access at short notice
  • Assurance of the highest safety standards

According to the German Commercial Code, all merchants are obliged to store business documents - this often means additional work that we at UTS Germany would be happy to do for you.

We offer compact and secure solutions: from the simple provision of suitable storage and shelf space to archive management. You can trust us.

Value Added Services - disposal and final cleaning

"Broom-clean" is a standard procedure for us

After a relocation, the exchange of office equipment, or after a move, UTS Germany is happy to take care of the removal and professional disposal of all items that are no longer required. This will help you quickly achieve space and order, and a punctual handover of the apartment is guaranteed. Are you looking for a one-stop service? Then you have come to the right place — many customers who want exactly this, use our disposal service.

UTS Germany offers you the following services:

  • Inventory of the waste
  • Honest advice and competent support
  • Provision of appropriate resources
  • Proven disposal of confidential documents

Even after your relocation phase, we remain your loyal companion.

With our post-move service, we also take care of the professional disposal of unneeded furniture, partitions or carpet tiles, if needed. Of course, we leave all of our workplaces swept clean.

Value Added Services - Other

Complete package? Of course!

You can also make use of the following additional services and look forward to comfortable handling from one source:

Dismantling and restoration of IT

The functionality of information technology is the be-all and end-all of every operative business. Therefore, the relocation of the IT infrastructure and servers is one of the most important criteria for a successful move for UTS Germany. Our specialists will, therefore, take care of the de-installation and rapid restoration of the information technology so that we complete the work as quickly as possible.

Furniture preparation and recycling

A move is an ideal way to create space. We do not only take over the dismantling and transport, but also offer purchasing your well-kept office furniture. Optimally, we are also in contact with charity organizations so that your furniture may even find a second home.

Craftsman assignments

We work exclusively with specialized technicians and craftsmen. Whether IT experts or electricians: All of our specialists are highly qualified and subject to our quality standards.

Special Installations

Every move is unique. We will also be happy to carry out special installations for you. Our customer advisors will be happy to help you and find a solution to every problem.

Digital Inventorization


With Warehouse +, UTS offers you a digital solution for fast and convenient warehouse management and inventorization. With the application, you can easily access your inventory at any time.

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