Relocation Management Software

Relocation management software

MOBEX - fast, simple, efficient

The organization of employee relocations is often a complex, expensive and time-consuming issue for your HR employees and for those who are moving with their families. There is a serious need for coordination since many processes are not transparent (costs, progress, quality).

How can you improve the collaboration and organization of your employee relocations?

How can you increase transparency about costs and quality?

How can you significantly reduce your time expenditure?

This is where MOBEX comes in. UTS has developed MOBEX especially for you. MOBEX provides you with all the functionalities you need to manage your employee relocations.

  • Collaborate with all parties involved via one tool
  • Ideal for companies with 20 to 150 relocations per year
  • Access to all vital information with one click - for all parties affected
  • Tailor-made for companies of your size and easy to deploy
  • Maximum security to protect your data and the data of your employees
  • Standarization of your posting process in more than 2 HR departments in your company
  • Globally applicable as web-based and multilingual

The fully integrable and adaptable software solution MOBEX is the contemporary answer to the increasingly complex requirements of a mobile, digital world.

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For companies with more than 500 employees and more than 20 relocations per year, MOBEX offers the perfect solution for the central coordination of all relocation services:

  • Administration of company apartments
  • Removal services
  • Services in Germany and worldwide on site
  • Visas & Immigration
  • Schools/childcare at the destination
  • Online shop for agreed services
  • Management of quality, costs and KPIs

All information is accessible at a glance at any time, and all processes can be individually adapted to the company and expat. The central coordination of all relocation services on a digital platform results in numerous advantages for personnel departments and relocators. The comprehensive bundling of all information in one place saves time in coordination, effort, and resources.

Relocation Management Software


For the expat

  • All important information at a glance in real time
  • Easy to manage
  • 24/7 access (web-based)
  • Personal task management at a glance

For the personnel department

  • A complete overview of the status of all relocation processes
  • Clear document management
  • Integrated administration function for corporate housing
  • Detailed financial overview per expat/relocation
  • Extensive reporting system

Relocation Management Software

Other benefits

Full integration
  • Online demand analysis and quality survey forms for your relocating customers
  • Integration and management of your company apartments, monitoring of booking status and capacity utilization
  • Fully integrated document management
  • Workflow-based task management
Detailed overview
  • Financial overview per change of location, relocation, and service
  • Detailed cost overview with editable approval workflow
  • Follow-up/evaluation of the entire relocation History of all employees
  • Individual process overview per change of location, relocation, and service
Complete digitalization
  • Reduced touchpoints for relocators: by integrating all steps of relocation into one platform
  • Interface connection: MOBEX is designed as an integrated IT software solution and can be linked to your preferred tools
  • Integrated reporting with configurable reports
  • Online order function (individually configurable)

Available anywhere and anytime

As a web-based software solution, MOBEX 24/7 is available in real time, independent of time zones, working hours, etc. This means it is less cost-intensive as repeated requests and offers maximize cost savings due to a central database. With comprehensive online relocation management, MOBEX simplifies the traditional service management of your HR department and creates new resources.

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