Moving overseas

Moving overseas

Across borders: We bring you home


We at UTS believe that the best adventures unfold beyond the horizons. With our expertise in overseas relocations, we offer you the opportunity to experience new cultures and explore exciting destinations without having to worry about the move. Our experienced team is familiar with the challenges of international moves and provides you with comprehensive knowledge and support. From carefully packing your belongings to the secure delivery to your destination, we ensure that your precious memories smoothly make their way to your new home. With a global network of partners, we are available to you at every point on the globe. Our goal is to relieve you of the concerns about the move so that you can focus on the new and exciting experiences that await you. Discover the world with UTS.

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Our tips and advice for a smooth relocation

With our information and tips on international relocations, you can already gather comprehensive insights on various topics before your big journey.

Moving abroad: Tips

Moving abroad is a real challenge. Such a move always requires complex planning and must be well thought out. Based on our years of experience, we have compiled a list of tips to set you up for success.

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Moving by Car

Wish to bring your car with your new home? UTS support you professionally and will take care of your car. We offer you a comprehensive range of services as well as competent consulting on moving with a car. Find out more information on your website.

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Moving with your Pet

Wish to bring your pet along with you? UTS supports you and your pet during your move. Often, when moving abroad, you need to be aware of specific restrictions in destination countries. Find out more about the many important aspects when moving with your pet.

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