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moving to the Netherlands

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With a population of around 17.9 million, the Netherlands is a densely populated country. Here you can expect a multicultural and modest people, flat hierarchies in companies and a high quality of life. The language barrier is also relatively low due to the similarity to the German language. Besides Dutch, German, English and French are among the most commonly spoken languages.

The country is particularly well equipped for nature lovers. With 37,000 kilometres of cycle paths and a 450-kilometre coastline, the country offers many opportunities for leisure activities. Due to the long coastline and three major rivers running through the country, the Netherlands is also known as a water country.

If you have decided to move to the Netherlands, UTS Germany is your partner. With us at your side, your move will be handled professionally and according to your wishes. We will be happy to help you and make you an offer. If you have any questions, please use our contact form.

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Transfer times to Amsterdam

The transfer time is approx. 1-2 days

Note: The transport time is only given as a rough guide for your move. As a moving company, we will be happy to provide you with a quotation for transport times to other regions, such as Holland or Friesland, so that you can complete a stress-free move.

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All information about entering Holland, Friesland or Brabant

If you want to move to the Netherlands and live and work there, you do not need a residence permit or visa as an EU citizen. A valid passport or identity card is sufficient for you as a citizen of the European Union when you move.

Registration in the municipality of residence

If you are staying in the Netherlands for more than 4 months, you must register with your municipality of residence within 4 days. Please note that you will need a deregistration certificate from Germany for the move. You can find more information on the homepage of the respective municipality.

As a rule, you will need the following documents for registration in Holland, Friesland, Zeeland, etc:

  • Valid identity card or passport
  • Proof of residence
  • Copy of birth certificate, possibly also marriage certificate

After registration, you will receive a "burgerservicenummer" (BSN), which is important for contact with the authorities, for example.


Dare to move together with your pet

Not only you, but also your pet should move with you? No problem for the moving company UTS. We organise the entire process and take care of the administrative requirements for your move.

Since there are a number of things to consider when moving with animals, we have compiled information worth knowing about this topic for you under Moving with Animals

Regulations for the entry of pets 

  • The minimum age for entry of dogs, cats and ferrets is 15 weeks.
  • Valid rabies vaccination
  • The animal must be chipped and have an EU pet passport.
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Car importation

There are no customs charges for importing a passenger car when you move. The following aspects need to be considered when you move:

  • Your car must be inspected by the RDW. This is the vehicle registration authority in the Netherlands. You can find an overview of locations for this service here.
  • You will need to take out third party car insurance and pay tax contributions.

In all regions and provinces, there are usually costs for registering a car or motorbike (BPM). How high the costs are depends on the Co2 emissions.  In the Netherlands, there are two types of car tax. Firstly, the initial registration of a vehicle is taxed, and secondly, the keeping of the vehicle.

Good to know: Dutch driving licences have a limited validity period and must be renewed every 10 years. This applies to driving licences issued before 19.01.2013. Driving licences issued after this date have a validity of 15 years.


Import regulations for an international move

The following quantities are permitted for the import of goods from another EU Member State into the Netherlands:

Tobacco products

  • 800 cigarettes
  • 400 cigarillos
  • 200 cigars
  • 1 kilogram of tobacco 

Alcoholic beverages 

  • 10 litres of high-proof spirits
  • 90 litres of wine (maximum 60 litres of sparkling wine)
  • 110 litres of beer
  • 20 litres of fortified wine 


  • Medication for personal use may be carried. A medical certificate may be required.

You can also find useful information for importing moving goods into the Netherlands on the IAM website: Country Guide Netherlands


Everything about your health

The Netherlands has an excellent health care system. The standard of medical facilities is high and the staff is well trained. This applies to both the private and the public sector. In contrast to Germany, the majority of medical specialists practise in hospitals.

Health insurance is compulsory in all regions, from Holland to Groningen. It is important to note that you have to choose a provider yourself and take out insurance there. You have 4 months to do this. After this period, you will have to pay a fine.

Information on the cost of the health insurance

Once a year, you have to pay a basic premium, which is independent of your income. Those who cannot pay this premium receive financial support from the state. The employer also pays a contribution to the health insurance fund. How high this is depends on the level of income. For optimal protection, we recommend that you take out private supplementary insurance (e.g. supplementary dental insurance).


Note: There is no private health insurance in the regions and provinces from Holland to Groningen.

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Frequently asked questions about moving house

Below we have summarised some of the questions you may have about moving to a neighbouring country, from Holland to Groningen. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone.

Yes, you must register with your new municipality of residence within 4 days (for a stay of 4 months or longer).

Yes, they are about 10% higher. However, it also depends on the region you live in and your lifestyle.

In the Netherlands, for example, craftsmen, IT specialists, educators, teachers and medical professionals have good job prospects.

Especially in the regions around Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam, finding a place to live is not always easy due to a high population density and higher rental prices. It is best to start your search early.

Yes, this is usually not a problem, as long as a few conditions are met (e.g. a valid rabies vaccination). You can find more information under the heading Moving with animals.

The transport time for a move is approximately 1-2 days.             


Modesty is very important here

The Dutch are a positive-thinking people who are open to new things and seek long-term, creative solutions to problems. Dutch modesty is just as typical. Someone who tries to impose his personal views by any means is not welcome. Teamwork, on the other hand, in which everyone can use their skills, is an important part of the culture. In contrast to Germany, the Dutch are less insistent on performance. Thus, grades are rather unimportant in the application process. Many companies are characterised by flat hierarchies. This also gives employees in lower positions the opportunity to contribute.

A multicultural people

The culture of the Netherlands is characterised by diversity. A wide variety of religions are represented here: Christianity takes up a large part. But Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism are also represented in the country. The city of Amsterdam in particular reflects the diverse and open culture. This is also reflected in the Dutch language, as German, English and French are also increasingly spoken here.

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Typical Dutch food

There are some special and tasty dishes on the menu in the Netherlands that are definitely worth trying:

  • Bitterballen: Deep-fried balls of meat ragout
  • Stroopwafel: Two thin wafers, with caramel syrup in between
  • Dutch fries: Compared to Germany, these are thicker and are often eaten with peanut sauce or with mayonnaise and onions.
  • Cheese: Simply typically Dutch! A visit to Amsterdam's cheese shops is particularly recommended
  • Poffertjes: Small pancakes served with butter and icing sugar.
  • Kibbeling: Fried fish cubes
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The economic situation in the new place of residence

The service sector is the largest economic sector in the regions and provinces, from Holland to Groningen. About four-fifths of all employed people work in this sector. The largest service providers include the financial services companies ING, Fortis and AEGON, the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport.

Agriculture is also very productive in the Netherlands, with the keeping of dairy cattle and the cultivation of cereals, vegetables and cut flowers, as well as being strong in exports.

In the manufacturing sector, food and electronics production, the chemical industry and petroleum refining are predominant.

As the Netherlands is one of the most visited countries in the world, the tourism sector is also an important part of the Dutch economy.


Working in another country

In the Netherlands there is a statutory minimum wage. This depends on the age of the employee and amounts to 13.27 euros per hour from the age of 21. The unemployment rate is very low at 3,9%. An average working week is 36 to 40 hours in most cases.

How do I find a job?

Do you want to work locally? Many job vacancies are advertised by temporary employment agencies in the country. Speculative applications are also often sent out. If you are looking for a job, it is also advisable to take a look at the online job market. For example, the sites nationalevacaturebank, monsterboard or intermediair can be your first port of call. The latter is particularly aimed at academics.

Good to know: Compared to Germany, extensive application portfolios are rarely necessary. A cover letter and an attached CV are sufficient in most cases.

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Which professions are particularly in demand in the Netherlands?

  • Medical and nursing staff
  • Craftsmen
  • Scientists
  • Teachers and educators
  • Service providers
  • Engineers, fitters
  • Commercial professions
  • IT specialists

Due to the good education system, German workers are readily employed in the Netherlands. The chances of finding a job are therefore quite high.

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Renting a flat in the Netherlands 

Looking for a flat in the Netherlands is not always easy. This is especially true in the regions around Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. These are places where about 40 percent of the entire Dutch population lives. Consequently, rental prices are also more expensive compared to other places. We therefore recommend that you start looking for a suitable property for a move early on.

Tip for the search: Your municipality of residence can provide you with helpful information for your flat search. In addition, it is possible to contact housing associations when you move. In case you want to buy a house or flat, it is worthwhile to research in newspapers or to consult an estate agent.

(Status: 2024)

Average rental prices
  • 1-room flat
    in the city centre: approx. 1,900€
  • 1-room flat
    outside the city centre: approx. 1,570€
  • 3-room flat
    in the city centre: approx. 3,220€ 

  • 3-room flat
    outside the city centre: approx. 2,370€
Average rental prices
  • 1-room flat
    in the city centre: approx. 1,400€

  • 1-room flat
    outside the city centre: approx. 1,110€

  • 3-room flat
    in the city centre: approx. 1,820€

  • 3-room flat
    outside the city centre: approx. 1,630€
Average rental prices
The Hague
  • 1-room flat
    in the city centre: approx. 1,250€

  • 1-room flat
    outside the city centre: approx. 970€
  • 3-room flat
    in the city centre: approx. 1,960€

  • 3-room flat
    outside the city centre: approx. 1,570€
Average rental prices
  • 1-room flat
    in the city centre: approx. 1,290€
  • 1-room flat
    outside the city centre: approx. 1,040€
  • 3-room flat
    in the city centre: approx. 2,040€
  • 3-room flat
    outside the city centre: approx. 1,560€

Average rental prices
  • 1-room flat
    in the city centre: approx. 1,410€
  • 1-room flat
    outside the city centre: approx. 1,090€
  • 3-room flat
    in the city centre: approx. 1,980€
  • 3-room flat
    outside the city centre: approx. 1,660€
Average rental prices
  • 1-room flat
    in the city centre: approx. 1,030€
  • 1-room flat
    outside the city centre: approx. 830€
  • 3-room flat
    in the city centre: approx. 1,490€
  • 3-room flat
  • outside the city centre: approx. 1,220€
Average rental prices
  • 1-room flat
    in the city centre: approx. 1,160€
  • 1-room flat
    outside the city centre: approx. 880€
  • 3-room flat
    in the city centre: approx. 1,730€

  • 3-room flat
    outside the city centre: approx. 1,310€

Average food prices

Food prices in the Netherlands are comparable to those in Germany. However, the cost of living is about 10% higher in comparison. However, it should be noted that these are also related to the respective place of residence and lifestyle. For example, visits to restaurants are more expensive than in Germany.

  • 1 litre of milk: approx. 1.09€
  • 500 g white bread: approx. 1.62€
  • 1 kg rice: approx. 1.89€
  • 12 eggs: approx. 3.98€
  • 1 kg cheese: approx. 11.21€
  • 1 kg potatoes: approx. 1.83€

If you have any further questions or need help with your move, we as a moving company will be happy to assist you. Our experienced movers are ready to help you with words and deeds. We look forward to your request and will be happy to provide you with a suitable offer for your move!


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