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Moving with children


Moving is exciting and often represents a big change in the lives of everyone involved. For children in particular, this situation can quickly become overwhelming. Leaving familiar surroundings, the old flat or house, as well as a change of school and day care centre go hand in hand with it. It is therefore all the more important that even the youngest children are well prepared for the upcoming move and feel safe. Parents can be a great help here.

On this page you will find some tips that you can take into account when moving with children to make the whole process easier.


Good preparation can make many things easier


  • In case of fear and worries, timely communication is especially helpful. For example, explain to your child the reasons for moving to a new flat or house. It is especially important that this is done in an age-appropriate way.

Tip: There are children's books for all ages on the subject of moving. These can be helpful in understanding the situation.

  • Integration in the moving plans: To include your child in the process of moving, you could, for example, go on house and flat inspections together as a whole family. If the new flat or house has already been decided on, it is a good idea to show your child the area and the school or day care centre in advance. Older children can also help pack the household goods or have a say in the furnishing and design of the children's room.

Attention: Sometimes being involved in the different preparations in the context of the move can be overwhelming for children. It is important to take them seriously, not to push them and to respond to fears without pressure.

  • Even before the actual move with your child, you as parents can inform yourself about possible activities with regard to social contacts. This includes, for example, possible sports clubs, playgrounds, etc. In this way, your child can pursue familiar hobbies at an early age and find a connection to a new social environment.

  • Saying goodbye to friends is also part of leaving home. This is not easy for children either. In schools and kindergartens there are sometimes certain farewell rituals in this context. You could organise a kind of "farewell party" for your child and use the time there to exchange telephone numbers and addresses. This way, contact can also be maintained in the new home.

The moving day


Many children have a favourite toy/cuddly toy that should not be packed and should therefore always be directly available when you move. With their favourite cuddly toy or animal, children feel safe and secure and can therefore cope with the move more easily. You as a parent can also be more relaxed when moving with your child.

Care during the move: A move is often stressful and involves many steps. In order to avoid the stress of moving for your child, it is a good idea to have a trusted person (for example, someone in the family) look after your child. This way, you as a parent can work through and take care of all the important points while your child is at the zoo with the grandparents or playing at a friend's house.

By setting up the children's room and a place to play in the new home from the beginning, you create a safe area for your child to feel comfortable and withdraw.

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Avoiding accidents when moving with children


Safety for the little ones is also a top priority when moving house. To ensure this, be sure to install grates for stairs or protection for electrical sockets in good time.

Likewise, moving boxes pose a potential risk of injury. Therefore, they should not be stacked too high and always against a wall to ensure good stability.

Other dangerous objects and substances, such as cleaning agents, oils, etc., should also always be placed out of reach of both older and small children.

Acclimatisation in the new home

Acclimatising to the new house or flat when moving takes time. This affects all family members: parents and also the children. Therefore, it is even more important to be patient and understanding.

Keep in mind that younger children (babies and toddlers) often cope better with the new situation than older ones. The latter need more time to settle in, as they can already understand the whole process better. For school children, it is best to move in during the summer holidays, if possible. During this time, they can get to know the new environment before school starts. This makes it easier to move!

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Make it easier to adapt when moving with children:

Learn about the new area: Your child can get to know the area in a playful way by taking part in activities together in the new place of residence. This also includes practising the way to the new school.

After your move, go for a walk in the neighbourhood. Perhaps there are neighbours with children of a similar age? This can organise new social contacts and possibly make new friends in the immediate vicinity for you and your child.

Regularity is the key word. Children feel secure when they can rely on routines they already know. This includes, for example, eating lunch together and reading aloud in the evening before going to sleep.


Formalities around the change of residence


It is not only emotional factors that play a role when moving with children. In addition, there are all the necessary formalities that affect school and kindergarten children in particular. You can read here what you as parents should pay attention to in this context.

Depending on how far away your new place of residence is, a change to a new kindergarten or school may be necessary. In this case, you should make sure to deregister in good time at the respective institution. In kindergartens, the notice periods can often be quite long.

It makes sense to find out about possible kindergartens in advance and to pay attention to the registration requirements. If possible, you can have documents sent to you before you move.

Here, too, it makes sense to obtain information early on. Which schools are suitable? If the school has already been determined, it is a good idea to talk to the class teacher about admission to the class.

Attention when moving to another federal state

The curricula may differ in content in the individual federal states. We therefore recommend that you inform yourself about the dissimilarities if you are planning to move to another federal state. Talk to teachers and school headmasters, for example.

The website of the Kultusministerkonferenz (Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany) also provides useful information on moving to a new school in another federal state.

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Tips for planning and the process


  • Furnishing the children's room: Plan the furnishing of the new children's room together with your child. This will make the new beginning much more fun!
  • Organise a farewell party for your child
  • Packing up: Involve your child in the preparations for moving day.
  • Gifts?! A small gift, preferably something to play with, to keep your child occupied during the hustle and bustle of the move.
  • Say goodbye: Give your child the chance to say goodbye to their familiar surroundings and old home.
  • Visit the new school / kindergarten.
  • Moving day: Small jobs give the feeling of being useful. Let your child carry light things to the new home. Also, some things should be unpacked in the room on the first evening so that your child feels comfortable and can sleep well.
  • Invite old and new friends of your child. Whether it is for a play date or an overnight visit is entirely up to you.


Here's how to make everything a little quicker and easier

Pack at the beginning:

  • clothes from the previous season
  • rarely used things from the cellar and storage room
  • in winter: Garden toys
  • books that have already been read
  • old folders and photo albums

In the course of time

  • current folders and books
  • little-used kitchen utensils
  • some of the current clothes
  • CDs and DVDs
  • hobby items

Pack at the very end

  • the most important kitchen utensils
  • clothes for the next few days
  • current hygiene articles
  • favourite toys
  • tools for dismantling furniture


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