Avoid moving stress: 5 tips from the UTS moving professional


Every move, and especially an emergency move, requires a lot of effort and attention. Every day, we help people in Germany, Europe and all over the world with their move and know what is important for a successful move. Experts are there to give advice and make people's lives easier. That's why we decided to share our moving tips with you. Check out the first 5 tips, we will publish the remaining 5 next week.


Umzugsstress vermeiden 5 Tipps vom UTS Umzugsprofi


1: Plan in good time:

Domestic moving - minimum 4 weeks in advance.

European moving - minimum 6 weeks in advance

Overseas moving - minimum 8 weeks in advance

2: Get advice on the procedure, service package and any packaging requirements depending on the type of transport before you start packing the consignment yourself!

3: Do not pre-pack fragile items, let our teams take care of this to avoid damage and ensure insurance coverage of the shipment

4: Do not load the removal goods in wooden boxes or on pallets, but inform yourself in advance about possible requirements at the destination (e.g. fumigation for LiftVans to Australia).

5: Before estimating the volume, think carefully about what you need or want to take with you.

Contact us directly at +49-69-244504932 or email info@uts-germany.de and let our friendly removal experts advise you.

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